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Connecting the market

The Wholesale Exchange strives to connect all car dealers together creating a wholesale community. The growth of this wholesale community will benefit each and every car dealership involved in various ways.

Wouldn't you like to gain access to all the cars being traded, bought and sold through dealerships instead of waiting for someone to trade in a vehicle on one they're purchasing from you? Of course you would!

The way of the future is in technological solutions that save you time and money; the Wholesale Exchange provides a solution that can do both. It is a tool that connects the wholesale market together. This provides all car dealers with the opportunity to get more money for trade-ins, sell trades quicker and find cars for clients instantly. What does this mean to your business? Well, it will mean slightly different things to different dealers but the main things it will mean for all dealers involved is it will provide more opportunities to save time and make money.

Please contact us for any further queries, or sign up today and become a part of the Wholesale Exchange. Signing up is easy and should take less than a few minutes. Once your account is approved you'll have access to the best wholesale car marketplace specifically made for dealers.